Memory Project

A new book of poetry realased thanks to Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in parnership with the City Council.

I sort through the memories that have been passed down to me and the memories that are of my own experiences of family and place, bringing past memory into the

present.  The performance included textile art and the photographs themselves, modified.  A video by Olga Mak was shown and there was culinary art by Olesia Lew.


November 18, 1:00pm, 2018 Memory Project Reading and Exhibition, Queens Farm, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Queens.

photo: Underground Books
photo: Elvis Krajnak
photo: Elvis Krajnak
photo: Vasyl Makhno
photo: Elvis Krajnak

A second event, Memory Imaging was performed at the Red Barn in Marshfield Hills, MA.


May 4, 2019, Memory Imagining, Red Barn, Marshfield Hills, MA.

Photo: Robert Frigault
Photo: Robert Frigault

A third event, was performed at Bliss on Bliss Studio.


September 7, 2019, Memory Project, Sunnyside, NY.

Photo: Ged Merino